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  • AKCOME won two authoritative awards in the photovoltaic industry

    Akcome 2024-01-12 0 times

    On January 11th, the grand Fifth Annual "Carbon Index" Entrepreneur Cross-Year Sharing Conference and the 11th Annual "Solar Cup" Photovoltaic Industry Awards Ceremony, jointly organized by the New Energy Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Committee of the China Energy Research Society and the solarbe, kicked off in Suzhou. AKCOME, with its outstanding market reputation, emerged victorious as the "Most Influential Solar cell Energy Company of 2023". The Chairman and Founder of Zhejiang AKCOME New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zou Chenghui, was honored with the title of "Outstanding Figure of 2023", showcasing his consistent and passionate dedication.



    The photovoltaic industry has flourished for over 20 years since its development in 2004. This conference, themed "Clarifying the Past, Paying Tribute to the Past; Starting from the End, Laying the Foundation for the Future", brought together numerous top industry experts and leaders from photovoltaic enterprises to discuss the trends in green energy development. The aim was to drive the thriving development of the new energy industry.

    The concurrent "Solar Cup" photovoltaic industry selection event began in 2012 and has become the most extensive and authoritative selection activity in the domestic photovoltaic industry. Its goal is to set benchmarks for the industry and promote the high-quality output of products in the field of new energy. AKCOMEE stood out among numerous outstanding enterprises in the industry due to its continuous innovation and high praise from the industry, earning the title of the "Most Influential Solar Energy Cell Enterprise of 2023".



    Since its establishment, AKCOME has consistently upheld the corporate values of "continuous innovation." As one of the earliest pioneers in the layout of HJT technology in the industry, AKCOME understands that only by pursuing a path of technological innovation can it secure a place in future competitions. Over the years, AKCOME has focused on the cost reduction and efficiency improvement path of HJT cell technology, making multidimensional efforts in both the cell and module ends. In 2023, AKCOME achieved remarkable results in various core processes of cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the cell end, including thinner cell, surface microcrystallization, less silver paste, and indium-free TCO. In the field of module end, AKCOME innovatively adopted the interlayer film process, effectively improving the photovoltaic conversion efficiency of modules by filling the gap between solar cells and the glass backsheet with the interlayer film. Simultaneously, AKCOME modules extensively applied the light-transmitting film process. Through experimental verification, the combination of the interlayer film process with the light-transmitting film process significantly increased the wattage output per module in mass production, maximizing customer value.

    Since the founding of AKCOME, Chenghui Zou, the founder, has steadfastly held onto his ideals and beliefs, dedicating himself to advancing green energy technology. As the "Outstanding Figure of 2023", Chairman Zou embodies the spirit of a fearless and determined entrepreneur. His selection as a benchmark entrepreneur not only signifies his personal honor but also represents the progress and development of the entire photovoltaic industry. His successful experiences and innovative thinking will inspire more enterprises and individuals to engage in the green energy sector, collectively propelling global sustainable development in renewable energy.

    In the future, AKCOME will persist in driving the high-quality development of photovoltaic cell module products through technological innovation. This commitment aims to boost the efficiency upgrade of the photovoltaic industry, ensuring a guiding role in steering towards a low-carbon future.


    Horário de atendimento: 8: 00-17: 00 em dias úteis

    HQ: 0571-89089399

    Sales: +86-512 8255 7328


    Sede: Sala 901, Edifício 1, No. 1818-2, Wenyi West Road, Rua Yuhang, Distrito de Yuhang, Cidade de Hangzhou, Província de Zhejiang

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