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  • AKCOME's Innovative Energy Technology Stuns at SMART ENERGY 2024

    Akcome 2024-03-07 0 times

    On March 6th, 2024, the Australian Smart Energy Exhibition commenced with grandeur at the Sydney International Convention Centre, attracting energy industry professionals worldwide. Spanning two days, the event showcased the latest technological achievements and innovative products from leading companies in the field. Among them, AKCOME stood out prominently, showcasing its AK iPower series HJT 745W/450W products.

    AKCOME has consistently dedicated itself to advancing high-efficiency energy products, and the showcased HJT 745W/450W products exemplify the company's robust R&D capabilities. These two products utilize HJT solar cell technology, which can generate higher current even under lower light conditions, significantly boosting the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells. With module conversion efficiencies reaching 23.98% and 23.04% respectively, AKCOME sets an industry-leading standard.


    Especially noteworthy is the 745W HJT module, which has garnered widespread attention at the exhibition due to its remarkable module power and conversion efficiency. Esteemed attendees lauded its performance, recognizing it as a significant market innovation for delivering increased power output alongside elevated conversion efficiency. Industry professionals at the event expressed that the introduction of such high-efficiency energy products will bring revolutionary changes to the renewable energy industries in Australia and globally, driving the pace of clean energy development.


    The two products showcased by AKCOME not only delivered exceptional performance but also exhibited sophisticated designs. Both products boast simple and elegant appearances, employing advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for diverse harsh climate conditions. Additionally, the 745W HJT module is ideally suited for large-scale ground power stations, commercial, and industrial power stations; while the 450W module, owing to its size characteristics, can be adapted for commercial and industrial power stations as well as roof power stations, catering to various rooftop installation needs in Australia. Furthermore, both module products offer high reliability and stability, capable of sustaining stable operation over extended durations, thereby furnishing users with consistent and dependable energy output.


    As a country that prioritizes sustainable development and environmental conversation, the demand for high-efficiency energy products in Australia continues to surge annually. AKCOME's showcase of HJT 745W/450W products at this exhibition precisely aligns with the pressing market need for high-efficiency energy solutions, infusing fresh vigor into Australia's clean energy sector. During the exhibition, many local energy companies and government officials from Australia expressed keen interest in these products, expressing a readiness to foster deeper collaboration with AKCOME.

    At this exhibition, AKCOME not only showcased its leadership in high-efficiency energy but also infused fresh momentum into the clean energy sector's development. AKCOME will continue to promote the widespread application of high-efficiency energy products, contributing to the development of Australia and the global clean energy industry.


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