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  • Congratulations!AKCOME Won Two Awards in the PV Industry!

    Akcome 2023-12-28 0 times

    On December 27, 2023, a grand photovoltaic industry event-the 8th PVIC2023 and “PV TOP 50” 2023 Optical Storage Innovation List Award Ceremony was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. At the ceremony, with the excellent innovation strength, as well as excellent products and services of the two major business sectors of photovoltaic , AKCOME won the awards of “The Most Innovative module Enterprise in the Photovoltaic Industry in 2023” and “The Most Innovative mounting system Enterprise in the Photovoltaic Industry in 2023”. 


    Picture| module award-winning scene


    Picture| mounting system award-winning scene

    The Conference aims to jointly discuss the industrial development trend, promote technical innovation, and commend the “most innovative” benchmark enterprise in the optical storage industry in 2023 at the award ceremony held simultaneously. As an enterprise with a long history in the industry, AKCOME has been continuously committed to the innovative R&D and production of photovoltaic modules and mounting systems for many years. Through continuous technical innovation and product optimization, photovoltaic modules of AKCOME have made remarkable achievements in terms of conversion efficiency, stability and reliability; the mounting systems business has also leads the innovative development of photovoltaic mounting systems by continuously developing proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights. This year, AKCOME focuses on the cost reduction and efficiency increase route of HJT modules, starting from the silicon side, module-side and cell-side multidimensional technology routes, focusing on cost-reducing and efficiency-increasing means such as thinner cell, surface microcrystallization, less silver paste, indium-free TCO and gap film process, which greatly promoted the marketization process of HJT. Moreover, with advanced technology and high-quality products, AKCOME brand has been widely recognized and praised in the domestic and foreign markets. This time, it won the awards of “The Most Innovative module Enterprise in the Photovoltaic Industry in 2023” and “The Most Innovative mounting system Enterprise in the Photovoltaic Industry in 2023”, which is not only the affirmation of the technological innovation and product advantages of AKCOME, but also demonstrates the correct development path of AKCOME that has been deeply rooted in the concept of "continuous innovation" for many years. 


    Since its establishment, AKCOME has focused on the core concept of “creating high-efficiency photovoltaic new value” and deepened the layout based on the four industrial bases of Huzhou, Ganzhou, Zhoushan and Suzhou as well as 11 global offices, continue to explore overseas markets such as Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa, make efforts in multiple dimensions, and extend the breadth of business scope in the global market. Up to now, AKCOME’s modules have been shipped 18 GW in total, and high-efficiency photovoltaic products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions, providing 22.8 billion kwh of clean power for about 5.5 million households in the world, realizing the true meaning of promoting affordable and reliable new energy to benefit the world. 

    This double innovation award is not only an honor, but also a responsibility and motivation for AKCOME. AKCOME will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation, increase R&D investment, improve the core competitiveness of products, and contribute to the global response to climate change and the realization of sustainable development goals.


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    Sede: Sala 901, Edifício 1, No. 1818-2, Wenyi West Road, Rua Yuhang, Distrito de Yuhang, Cidade de Hangzhou, Província de Zhejiang

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