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  • 18th Anniversary Tribute!AKCOME shows new PV tide in Japan!

    Akcome 2024-02-29 0 times

    On February 28th, coinciding with AKCOME's 18th anniversary, the 2024 World Smart Energy Week (Spring) was grandly held at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center. This exhibition showcased AKCOME's innovative products and technologies once again, leading the local new energy trend. At this event, AKCOME presents its HJT 745W/450W and TOPCon 620W/450W module products, as well as its vertical mounting systems and BIPV canopy mounting systems, marking its return to the iconic location where it first ventured into overseas markets. This exhibition attracts the attention of numerous industry experts and attendees, demonstrating AKCOME's continued commitment to innovation and leadership in the local new energy sector.










    As a leading enterprise in the international smart energy field, AKCOME has always been committed to developing and promoting efficient and environmentally friendly new energy technologies. At the exhibition, AKCOME displayed its star series products, HJT 745W/450W and TOPCon 620W/450W, which demonstrated the company's technological strength in the field of solar energy with their high energy conversion rate and outstanding performance. Especially the HJT 745W module, which represents AKCOME's most advanced technology, imports deeply 0BB, microcrystalline process as well as interstitial film and phototransfer film technology, the power of the module breaks through 745W, and the conversion efficiency of the product reaches 23.98%. Additionally, AKCOME's two new rectangular cell modules, HJT 450W and TOPCon 450W, also has attracted a lot of attention at this exhibition. These two modules adopt respectively 182*183.5mm cells and 182*186.8mm cells, with module sizes of 1762*1134*30mm and 1722*1134*30mm. AKCOME takes full consideration of transportation costs based on the mainstream mode of transportation to greatly reduce the cost of integration, enhance the system revenue, and bring higher product value and customer value to customers. value of products and customers.




    In addition to photovoltaic modules, AKCOME has also displayed its innovative vertical racking system and BIPV carport racking system. AKCOME's racking system is well recognized by the market for its solid support performance and excellent appearance, as well as for its environmental protection and high efficiency, etc. The product can effectively solve the challenges of energy utilization and space utilization, demonstrating AKCOME's all-round technological strength and innovation ability in the smart energy field.  



    As a country with one of the world's most densely populated cities, Japan has been firmly committed to the use of renewable resources for power supply. As one of the earliest countries to develop photovoltaic resources globally, Japan ranked first in cumulative installed capacity in 2000. Since then, even with the outbreak of the European PV industry, Japan has firmly occupied the top five positions in the global PV installed capacity. In recent years, Japan has implemented various policies and incentives, such as subsidies for power purchases, a fixed subsidy system, and a renewable energy certificate system, etc. The government encourages enterprises and individuals to adopt solar power generation systems, so the solar energy industry in Japan has a huge potential for development.

    "As a leading enterprise in the new energy field, AKCOME will continue to be committed to promoting the innovation and development of new energy technologies and contributing to global sustainable development," said a spokesperson for AKCOME. "We will continuously improve product performance and service quality, provide our customers with higher quality solutions and jointly promoting the healthy development of the new energy industry."


    Through this exhibition, AKCOME has once again demonstrated its leading position and strong strength in the new energy field, bringing more innovation and development thinking to the industry. With the deepening of global energy transition, we believe that AKCOME will continue to play an important role in future development, contributing more to the construction of a clean and sustainable energy future.


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